KD was founded in 2013, in Barcelona, by Julia Keck, a German businesswoman, that had a long background in the e-commerce business. It extended fast in the next years with a team of experienced salespersons, marketing specialists and graphic designers.
 In 2014 we started the collaborations with several new platforms from Eastern Europe and build up a new sales team in Romania, which is managed by Anda Lupsan.

Due to our experience, we developed a good relationship with the buyers of the web shops and shopping clubs with which we collaborate, we perfectly know their requirements, platforms and working method. This assures a simplified and smooth sale process for our suppliers and the chance to significantly increase their turnover.
Julia Keck — CEO
Anda Lupsan — Partner Manager
Our Skills

WHat we are good at

We're good at discovering European manufacturers who have great products but aren't ready for e-commerce just yet. We spot the problems and offer solutions. Our team creates strategies, branding and selects the marketing channels. But most importantly, we find the best retail and outlet market for your products. Because we don’t know only how to sell, but also to whom. We have a large database of potential e-shops from all European countries that open a potential market with millions of customers. Our skills help you increase sales and grow your business in general.
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Brand Strategy
Brand Design
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